Plans for our Subaru Impreza

Update by Per Schroeder to the Subaru Impeza project car
Jul 27, 2005

We’ve started the planning phase of our rallycross project. The goal is to build a fun, cheap car that is legal for SCCA’s RP4 class, while also being potentially legal for actual stage rally use. We don’t know if our car will ever make it to a real rally (the closest one is three states away from us!) but it would be nice to have that potential in the future.

The rallycross class that would allow for both is the Rally Prepared category and since we’re using an all-wheel-drive car, that means RP4 is the class for us. An RP4 car is allowed to have quite a number of changes, including wheels, tires and suspension, while not requiring the builder to write a blank check for engine modifications. Rally Prepared cars can also be prepared for stage rally use, and Production GT seems like the best fit for an Impreza. We won’t have the power of a WRX, but we’re new to this whole rally thing anyway, so the horsepower would most likely just get us into trouble.

From here, we intend to finish up the body work, paint the nose of the car and start the transmission swap. We’ll need to source a clutch before that happens, but both RP4 and PGT allow aftermarket clutches, so we’ll probably upgrade that area. We’re also looking at a viscous lsd or a Phantom Grip conversion on our extra rear differential, either of which would be adequate for loose surfaces.

It looks like there is a rallycross event here in Florida in August. We might make that one, even if we’re still using the automatic transmission and stock street tires.

Here are some links from our most recent websurfing:

  • NASIOC, the best Subaru site we’ve found.
  • SCCA, our source for rallycross rules (you can download the pdf)
  • Rally Rebels, our local rallycross nutjobs. We can’t wait to join them!

While we’re at it, we’ll admit that since we’re new to the dirt, we’ve been asking a bunch of stupid questions. Paul Eklund of Primitive Enterprises has been answering them patiently. We’ll be sourcing our skidplates and underbody protection from his company. Paul is also our rally editor and supplies us with most, if not all, of our professional rally coverage in the magazine.

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