Racking Our Brains

Update by Per Schroeder to the Subaru Impeza project car
Jul 25, 2005

This weekend’s garage antics on the Subaru centered around replacing the power steering rack. It required the removal of the manifolds, cats, front anti-rollbar and a portion of the front subframe. Once all of that stuff was out of the way, it was pretty simple to unbolt the rack, unhook the U-joint in the steering column and disconnect the power steering lines.

Going back in was a little more frustrating for several reasons. 1) It’s very easy to cross-thread the fluid lines, so it’s easiest to connect them while the rack is “loose” 2) If the lines are connected, it’s pretty cumbersome to get the mounting bushings and clamps to line up correctly. After some struggle, we got everything bolted up and working. No leaks!

We then turned our attention to the used hood. It had a few small dents on the leading edge. We sanded it down and applied some Half Time polyester filler to the dents…sanded…more filller..sanded..etc. When we had it pretty darn close, we sprayed it with some high-build primer and sanded….primer….sanded. Now it’s pretty close. At least close enough that it’ll look good covered in paint, covered in stickers, covered in dirt, going 40 miles per hour.

Actually, we’re joking, it looks pretty good. Now the rest of the car…….

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