Rallycross…Our Subaru Impreza is here!

Update by Per Schroeder to the Subaru Impeza project car
Jul 14, 2005

We’ve been looking for a cheap Subaru to build up as a rallycross car (and possibly a full-blown rally project) Unfortunately, Subarus are pretty hard to find in the Sunny south.

With the going rates for high mileage, beat-up Imprezas with the 2.2 liter engine and AWD hovering in the 3-4k range, we picked up this 1995 Impreza LX for $800. It has only 75000 miles on it. The catch is that it needs some bodywork (two fenders, hood, etc) and it’s an automatic. The good news is that the parts are all available from junkyards and they’re pretty cheap. We think we can have a nice-enough looking 5-speed car for under $2k.

This weekend, Per is going to scour the local junkyards for sheetmetal and a headlight. After it’s not an eyesore, we’ll start hunting down the parts that we need for the transmission swap.

We bought the car from Warehouse Motors. Jeremy, the owner, bought the car for parts at an auction and then realized it really was too nice to part out. It was then rallycrossed once as-is and then it sat for a year. As Jeremy says, this isn’t a car that his company would sell to the public.

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