Subaru: Making a List and Checking It Twice

Update by Per Schroeder to the Subaru Impeza project car
Dec 14, 2005

If we are going to try this stage rally thing, we’ve got a lot of stuff to do, a lot of stuff to buy and a lot of stuff to think about. We’re actually starting a list of what needs to be done. We’ll compile it here so you can all see what goes into just getting onto a stage. We’ll break it up into several parts so it’s easier to understand. The event we’re aiming on attending is the NASA Rallysport Cherokee Trails event in mid-March. That gives us three months!

Registration and License 1) Become a NASA member. Status: form is filled out, on Per’s desk, waiting on a check for $40. 2) Apply for NASA RallySport license. Status: Form is filled out, on Per’s desk, waiting for a check for $50. 3) Fill out medical questionaire. Status: Done, waiting to go out. 4) Sign liability form: Status: Done, waiting to go out. 5) Photocopy Subaru registration and insurance card, send in with entry to event. 6) Photocopy tow vehicle registration and insurance card, send in with entry to event.

Personal Safety Gear: 1) Driver’s Suit: Have. 2) Nomex underwear, socks: Have 3) Helmet: have SA2000 close face 4) shoes: need Nomex lined, on order 5) Neck protection: have high-density collar from Pyrotect. 6) Gloves: have

Car Prep: 1) Basic car status: It runs and is reliable. Need to wire up horn so it works and check all bulbs for functionality. 2) Rollcage. Status: Done..check with NASA guys to insure legality. 3) harnesses. Status: brand new GForce harnesses installed. 4) Rollcage padding. Status: new high density padding installed. 5) FIA legal seats. Status: have 2 Racetech seats on the way. 6) seat brackets to mount seats. Status: need to source and order. 7) Fire bottles: Have one 5bc, need one more. 8) Tow Hooks. Status: installed. 9) skidplates. Status: installed.
10) mudflaps. Status: Need to source and install. 11) Window nets: have, need to install. Not required but recommended. 12) Rally computer: not necessary, but helpful. Cherokee is a Recce event, so not as important there. May hold off on this purchase. 13) 3 warning triangles: need to get from SafeDrives 14) First aid kit: need to get from Safe Drives 15) Tow Rope: need to source and buy. how long? what kind? 16) Intercom: need to source and buy. Terraphone?

Event Stuff: 1) Tow vehicle. Make sure we have a tow vehicle and trailer to get up to TN. Status: working on that. 2) pack food (Paul Eklund recommends lots of comfort food to calm driver/co-driver down. Good idea!) 3) Get car teched.
4) Go through novice orientation to complete license requirements. 5) Buy the stage notes.
6) Go on Recce with tow vehicle with co-driver taking notes. 7) Find some darn fool that would want to be our co-driver.

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