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It's not very exciting, but basic maintenance will make any car run better.
We scored a Techtonics Tuning exhaust with Borla muffler at the junkyard. It cost us under 15 bucks.
The Black Forest Industries engine mounts are an easy replacement for the factory swiss-cheese pucks.

The exhaust set us back just $14.90. How’s that for bargain shopping?

With 165,000 miles on the clock, our Golf is long overdue for some basic service. We’re going to be replacing the ignition wear items (plugs, wires, cap, rotor) as well as the timing belt, serpentine belt and coolant temperature sensor. We found the best deals on replacement parts from Mike Potter at Parts4VWs.com. Mike is a longtime friend and autocrosser.

The coolant hoses are also starting to age out, so we’ll be replacing them with new silicone hoses from Samco Sport. The Samco Sport package is a cost effective way to replace all of our aging hoses at once—with higher performance.

This past week, we visited the junkyard and happened upon a 1996 Golf GTI that had a decent grille as well as a Techtonics Tuning exhaust—complete with a Borla muffler! The exhaust set us back just $14.90. How’s that for bargain shopping?

While we were performing all of this maintenance, we also replaced the engine mounts with new polyurethane version from Black Forest Industries (www.blackforestindustries.com) The Stealth series mounts are soft enough to keep the engine from vibrating our fillings loose, but stiff enough to keep the engine from rocking around during acceleration.

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