Making Our Camry Turn

Update by Per Schroeder to the Toyota Camry project car
Oct 24, 2012

Our Camry up on jack stands getting new springs, struts, brakes and a few other odds and ends.
We replaced the brakes on all four corners with Hawk’s HPS compound.
The rear anti-roll bar was replaced with a 19mm piece purchased on eBay Motors.
Nitto’s NT555 and Konig’s 17x7.5-inch Feather are a substantial improvement to our rolling stock.
It’s lower and meaner—and handles great. Seriously.

We got to spend some time in the garage (or driveway, as the case may be) and replaced most of the suspension on our Camry. We ditched the worn-out struts and soft springs for some mild, yet effective Tokico HP struts with H&R springs. A slightly larger rear anti-roll bar was added to help the car rotate a bit. We also replaced the no-name brake pads with Hawk’s very street-worthy HPS compound.

The 600-treadwear 205/60R15 tires and standard-issue 15x6-inch rims were traded out for some of Nitto NT555 tires. The 235/45R17 size is a perfect fit for the Konig Feather 17x7.5-inch rims we chose. The whole package tucks neatly into the fenders—and didn’t require any body modifications. The car was then aligned with the help of some SPC camber-adjusting bolts. We dialed in about 1.5 degrees of negative camber in the front and zero toe at all four corners.

These changes transformed our Camry into a much more sporting sedan. We can’t wait to get the car on track to see how much of an improvement these basic bolt-ons have made.

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