Chaaaaarge! FireCharger Install Saga III

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Update by Scott Lear to the Honda Civic SI project car
Jan 9, 2006

The last step in our FireCharger install was to actually charge the system. This is easy and can be done at home on your garage floor, which is one of the neater aspects of the FireCharger system.

First, install the non-fragmenting disk that comes with the AFFF concentrate refill into the main bottle’s cap. This keeps things in the bottle until the CO2 cartridge is called into duty, at which point the disk ruptures and lots of fire-retardant stuff comes flying out the nozzles at life-saving velocity.

Then simply fill the main bottle all the way up with water. In the case of our 2.3-liter bottle you then pour out exactly 12 ounces of water into a scientific measuring device like the kitchen blender we used.

Next, wearing safety goggles and some plastic gloves, pour the AFFF concentrate into the bottle. Being smooth and using a funnel helps prevent excessive foaming.

Now just hook everything back up and the bottle is ready to rock and roll.

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