FireCharger Install Saga Ep. 1

Update by Scott Lear to the Honda Civic SI project car
Nov 11, 2005

One of the last major components left to install on the Civic is the fire system. We contacted our friends at Pack Racing Products to secure one of their Firecharger systems, which are neat because they can be refilled at home or the track; all you need is the refill kit and some water. We’re going to install one of their 2.3-liter systems to spray both the driver and the engine bay.rnOur first step was to find a good spot for the bottle itself; we decided on a position to the right of the driver’s seat near the center of the car, which is low in the chassis and will minimize the line length. Two brackets with metal straps hold the bottle in place, and so we took a quick measurement, checked to make sure we weren’t going to be drilling through any lines under the car, drilled and bolted the bottle to the car.rnThe next step was to figure out where to put the trigger T-handle. There’s some unusued real estate on the dashboard to the right of the shifter, so we made an appropriate-sized hole and ran the cable through the dash; after a bit of fiddling to make sure that it read “FIRE” instead of “3RIF” we have a very serious looking fire handle near where our radio used to be.rnWe didn’t have a flare tool handy and it was dinner time, so we’re going to save the install of the hard aluminum lines for the near future.rn

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