Holy Roof, Batman!

Update by Scott Lear to the Honda Civic SI project car
Jun 9, 2005

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Removing the large and heavy moonroof assembly from the Si was a good and necessary thing, but it did leave us with a rather large hole in the top of the car. A variety of options exist for plugging the hole, from fancy carbon-fiber to simple welded sheet metal. We went the inexpensive sheet metal route (about $10 bucks for the 3x2 foot sheet) and opted to rivet the panel into place with some seam-sealer to keep everything water tight. Matching white is just about impossible with a rattle-can job, so we went for a more neutral gray; the large gray panel was very boring, but the hundreds of times we’ve seen Top Gun paid off with the idea to give the panel a more F-14 look.

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