Oil, goo and such

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Update by Scott Lear to the Honda Civic SI project car
Jun 22, 2005

We’ve been taking care of some odds and ends on the 2002 Civic. Since it has a roof now, we were able to give it a bath, which it seemed to enjoy. We’ve installed the Sparco seat that used to be in our Project MINI, but the slider gives some unwanted flex to the whole assembly, so we’re going to take it out of the equation and simply mount the seat directly to the Sparco base mount instead. We changed the oil, and have put one of the PowerLong SUS-mesh oil filters on the block; shame on Honda for putting the filter in such an awkward place between the exhuast header and the ABS lines.

Finally, an area neighbor, ScrapeRite, dropped off some of their plastic razor blades for us to try out; they were perfect for removing the excess door goo that held the plastic weatherproofing layer between the door and the inner door panel. We finished that job with some lacquer thinner; now we don’t get the equivalent of Honda Bubble Gum on our hands or clothes every time we touch the inside of the door.

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