Switch, Handle, Padding, Signal

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Update by Scott Lear to the Honda Civic SI project car
Mar 15, 2006

To get our Civic ready for its track debut, we had a few things left to take care of. Most important was a kill switch for the engine; we bought the unit from Racer Parts Wholesale, and had the install done down the street at BSI Racing.

While we could have figured out the wiring by ourselves eventually, the BSI guys do this all the time, and in the case of the Civic it turns out it wasn’t exactly straightforward, so we’re glad we took this one to some seasoned veterans. Also, they fabricated a neat panel that means we can get to the switch as easily as a corner worker.

One thing that’s been bugging us since we pulled out the interior is the lack of a door handle. Pulling the wire cord wasn’t a problem during the build, but a more robust handled seemed a good idea in case getting out quickly is on the menu. A trip to Lowe’s turned up this lawnmower start handle for about $3. A wire U-clamp locks it firmly in place on the end.

Some high-density foam from Safe Drives was leftover from Per’s Subaru rally car, and there was plenty left for the Civic, so we zip-tied our way to a softer tomorrow.

Finally, it’s always nice to know what kind of lap times you’re turning. We had a transponder left over from the Project MINI Cooper S, and the best place we could see to put it was right where one of the car’s horns was currently living, so we pulled off the bumper and attached the quick-release bracket directly to the radiator support frame. We can now quickly mount and dismount the transponder through the grille.

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