More negative camber, please.

Update by Per Schroeder to the Mini Cooper S project car
Jan 20, 2003

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One major problem that we had during our first track sessions with the car was the lack of negative camber wreaked havoc on our tires. We quickly corded our Kumhos within a few short sessions. Obviously, the non-adjustable 0.5 degrees of negative camber was not going to do. The best solution for us was to use a camber plate and coilover system to gain much needed adjustability.

Over the weekend, we installed Ground Control camber plates and coilovers. The strut tower had to be cut out to fit the camber plates. We used a plasma cutter for this chore, as it slices easily through the fairly thick strut tower. The lower spring perches on the struts were cut off with a Sawzall, and new perches were welded back on. We also had to weld on new front anti-rollbar mounting points on the strut. This was all fairly straight forward. We are using 700 lb./in. springs in the front. The Konis can handle this rate with the rebound cranked up to 1/2-3/4 stiff. We set the front camber at 3.0 degrees with zero toe. The rear is set at 1 degree of negative camber and 1/8” toe in. This toe-in will help out trailing throttle oversteer that we had with 0 rear toe.

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