Quiet Down, Will Ya

Update by Alan Cesar to the Subaru Impreza WRX project car
Apr 21, 2014

When visiting friends, we never had to ring the doorbell. They could always hear us pull in the driveway.
This resonator from Vibrant Performance significantly mellowed our sound, but definitely didn't make it too quiet. There's plenty of delicious roar when we're on the throttle.

We were growing weary of our WRX’s TurboXS exhaust system. On top of its previous fitment issues, it was loud. The sound was satisfying under throttle, but we did set off car alarms sometimes while rolling through parking lots at or near idle.

The poor muffling and that OEM unequal-length exhaust manifold that causes pulses to piggyback. The bassy pop was palpable. When listening to GoPro videos of our races on our laptop, the speakers clip out when trying to reproduce that thump. Just listen to the video at the bottom of this post.

Our solution was to add a resonator. We bought one from Vibrant Performance via Amazon, then took it to our local exhaust guy, Marty’s Muffler, to install it. Amazon Prime made shipping free, so we were all in for $114.

This definitely cured our exhaust woes and made road trips more comfortable. Since a resonator is straight through, it should have negligible impact on horsepower.

Now, enjoy some noise from an autocross prior to the resonator install:

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