Getting Our Project Corvette’s Autocross Career Started

Update by J.G. Pasterjak to the Chevrolet Corvette Z06 project car
Dec 4, 2017

A good portion of phase 1 of our Corvette Z06 project involves getting acclimated to the car in an autocross situation. To that end, we’ve only made a couple changes to the car since we picked it up.

However, these changes are fairly significant, as the addition of a set of BFGoodrich Rival S tires and Ferodo DS2500 brake pads represent the top of the line in street-going performance hardware. With the substitution of these bits, the Z06 is a fairly formidable weapon on any track or autocross course, and has some world-class capabilities.

But we’re not just practicing blindly. We’ve decided to take a more measured approach to our adaptation to the car’s capabilities through the use of Petrel Data’s SoloStorm data acquisition package.

SoloStorm is an autocross-centric data analysis software suit that runs on Android devices and can interface with a variety of data gathering devices like on-board cameras and OBD2 readers. The $200 SoloStorm software is worth it’s weight in data gold. It features the ability to instantly analyze each run on a moment-by-moment basis through graphic charts and displays, and the ability to overlay multiple runs on top of each other to ascertain which lines worked and which didn’t. It will be a valuable tool going forward as we learn to drive the car and as we add bits to increase its performance.

With these adjustments made, we headed off for our first real autocross weekend in the Corvette. Here’s onboard footage of our fastest run of the day.

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conesare2seconds Dork
12/4/17 10:04 p.m.

Then car looks like it’s making speed without drama. In going fast, understatement is badass. yes  A very tidy run, JG. 

have been interested in data acquisition for a while, particularly the devices and apps that learn or map the course. How does that feature work and is it tricky to set up?

Next day: Edited for an auto-correct snafu. 

pinchvalve GRM+ Memberand MegaDork
12/5/17 8:02 a.m.

Dear Lord, let me be in a position to buy this project car when they are done...

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