Project Corvette Z06: Efficiently Storing Project Car Parts in Vacuum Sealed Bags

Update by J.G. Pasterjak to the Chevrolet Corvette Z06 project car
May 22, 2020

Inspired by a recent thread on our message board, we thought we’d share our favorite new way of preserving parts during any major disassembly.

Zipper bags and a Sharpie are an old favorite for good reason, but we took things one step further by breaking out the vacuum sealer and vacuum bagging our C5-chassis Corvette Z06’s hardware and various bits while it was in several chunks. 

Zip bags are fine, and even we may admit that vacuum sealing our parts could be overkill, but we like the way that the vacuum bags save space over zip bags. Plus they’re easier to handle and show exactly what’s inside since the parts don’t get all jumbled together. 

The stiffness of the sealed vacuum bags also provides some protection for the more delicate parts. Not allowing sharp bits to flop around also prevents torn bags. 

There’s also that satisfying hiss when you cut back into the bags, signifying your project is once again back on the front burner (or at least an active burner).

We got our sealer for about $60 at Walmart, and occasionally use it for its intended purpose of food sealing food as well. 

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