Project Z06: Clumsy Foreshadowing

Update by J.G. Pasterjak to the Chevrolet Corvette Z06 project car
Oct 1, 2019

Foreshadowing is the literary or cinematic technique whereby the storytellers drop hints of what’s to come later in the narrative. In that spirit, here are some pictures of the crew at MCR Tuning in Kentucky pulling the entire powertrain out of our C5 Z06 Corvette project. This occurred less than 24 hours after taking the final checker at the 2019 Tire Rack SCCA Time Trial Nationals powered by Hagerty.

Our performance at Time Trial Nats was strong, but 405 horsepower isn’t what it used to be. When the C5 Z06 was in its prime, it was one of the most powerful sports cars on the market. These days, base Corvettes produce over 450 horsepower, and the hottest models are scratching at 800. 500 horsepower is the new 400, and if we’re going to keep progressing with this project, we need to up the ante a bit. Stay tuned to see what we’ll be using to power our C5 going forward, and what mods we’ll be making to the rest of the driveline to keep the power flowing to the wheels smoothly.

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