Pimp My Wagon

Update by Per Schroeder to the BMW 325it project car
Sep 1, 2011

A coat of wax and some paintless dent repair did wonders.
Here's our new badge from Bavarian Auto.
We sprayed the trim around the windows black to mimic the factory sport "shadowline" trim.
New Weathertech floor liners look great and work even better.
We use our wagons to haul stuff, so this cargoliner will come in handy soon enough.

We spent the weekend cleaning up our newest daily driver. The car got a good old-fashioned hand wash followed by some Meguiars clay bar action. This was followed by some Swissvax Mirage wax. The results were quite transformative, as the paint looks a lot better.

We followed that up with a trip to our friendly paintless dent repair place. The price for fixing some dents on the two right doors: $100. We also pointed our improvement ray gun at the faded aluminum trim around the windows. We prepped it and shot it with some VHT black engine enamel for a blacked-out look.

Next, we replaced the BMW Roundel badge on the hood with a new one from Bavarian Auto Sport. For $25, this new hardware made the nose of the car look a lot sharper.

Finally, we replaced the manky carpet floor mats with some super-tough Weathertech floor liners. These tough, precision-molded liners are great for keeping dirt, grime and goop from reaching the factory carpet—and with two small kids and two dogs, we’ll be dishing out our share of goop.

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Steve Chryssos
Steve Chryssos Reader
9/2/11 8:26 a.m.

...Already saving up to buy this car from Per. I only have $12 tucked away so far. Gotta start somewhere.

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