MINI’s new shocks assembled.

Update by Per Schroeder to the Mini Cooper project car
Dec 23, 2005

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We drove into Orlando yesterday to pick up all of the bits necessary to create complete rear spring and shock assemblies. It took a few weeks for the parts to come into Downtown MINI, but they all arrived and appear to be correct. The springs were ordered from our VIN, so they’ve got the correct spring code for our options and the color coded stripes on the springs match our originals. Assembly of the shock and spring is pretty straight forward, although we did need to drill out the center hole in the upper perch and the dished washer so the fatter Koni shaft could fit. Putting the spring and shock package together takes about 45 minutes and requires a spring compressor (not our favorite tool to play with) so we’re happy that we’ve now got these complete assembies that we can bolt on in less than 10 mintues at the track. It was worth the $424 that it cost in extra parts.

While we were at the MINI dealership, we had them program our car so that it has daytime running lights. Why? Because on our way to Orlando, we had no less than 3 credits-to-humanity try to run us off the road. We can only guess that our MINI is so small, the traffic around us has a hard time seeing it. Even if it is bright freakin’ red.

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