2010 Toyota Tundra

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2010 Toyota Tundra

We were so impressed by the 2020 Tundra, we went and bought one for ourselves. This might be one of the few times a loaner ended up costing us money.

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Apr 10, 2024
How to stop rats from eating our Toyota Tundra?

What was causing our Toyota Tundra's check engine light and drivability issues? Simply put, the truck was just too delicious to ignore.

Apr 28, 2021
Building a Budget Bed Cargo Slide | Toyota Tundra

We build an inexpensive truck bed cargo slide so we can easily reach items in the back of the truck bed.

Apr 5, 2021
Installing Eibach Suspension Upgrades on Our Tundra

Even though our Tundra will spend most of its life towing, a proper suspension upgrade ensures both comfort and safety.

Jan 2, 2021
Toyota Tundra: Understanding the Difference Between LT Truck Tires and P-Metric Car Tires

Sure, we were going to use our Toyota Tundra to haul stuff, but did it really need "truck" tires?

Aug 3, 2020
Toyota Tundra: Are WeatherTech Floor Mats Really as Good as Promised?

Floor mats are usually an afterthought. But that’s because we may not be giving floor mats enough credit for enhancing the value proposition of a vehicle.

Apr 22, 2020
Toyota Tundra: Scoring a Deal on a Used Topper

By waiting to buy a used A.R.E. topper for our 2010 Toyota Tundra, we actually got a better price in the end.

Apr 17, 2020
Project Tundra: Adding a Moroso Air/Oil Separator to Our Toyota Tundra

Yeah, yeah, we totally said we weren’t going to do much to our 2010 Toyota Tundra, but that doesn’t preclude us from making our experience even more exemplary an air/oil …

Apr 1, 2020
Project Tundra: Adding a New (Used) Truck to Our Fleet

After falling in love with a 2020 Tundra that Toyota let us borrowed, we had to get our hands on a Tundra of our own.

Mar 24, 2020
Project Tundra: A Buyer's Guide

Tow vehicles shouldn’t be penalty boxes, and that's why were were smitten with the second-generation Toyota Tundra.

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