How Heavy is Our Lightweight?

Update by Alan Cesar to the Ford Fiesta project car
Apr 18, 2012

We put the car on the scales with a half tank of gas, then took out the floor mats and spare tire.
This car came in about 135 lbs. heavier than a similar Mazda2 we weighed.
These are not 4x100 wheels, but on the plus side, you could bolt some SVT Focus wheels on here.

It’s nice to occasionally get out of the office and do real car stuff. We spend a lot of time on behind-the-scenes stuff, and unfortunately that means sometimes we’re less hands-on than we’d like to be. So we were pretty excited for an excuse to drag out the scales. Our new Fiesta would be an autocrosser first, a B-Spec car second, but we needed to know our baseline weight regardless. We needed to bust out the scales.

The results weren’t incredibly surprising. We knew the Fiesta was heavier than its Mazda2 brother, and now we know by how much: About one of us at our high-school weight. We scaled a Mazda2 press test car that came through one week, and it tipped in at 2307 lbs. sans floor mats, spare tire, and half a tank of gas. Our Fiesta came in at 2442 under the same conditions.

We also discovered something curious: The Mazda2 runs a 4x100 bolt pattern, but the Fiesta runs 4x108 like the old Focuses. That means we can’t swap wheels between it and our sundry Miatas, but it might look awesome with some of those multi-spoke SVT Focus rims.

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