A little post-race cleanup

Update by Alan Cesar to the Ford Fiesta project car
Mar 13, 2013

We cleaned our Fiesta in our showroom.
If you get Racing Rubber Remover on your tires, do they disappear? We tested it. They didn't.
It's not just your own rubber—this stuff gets everywhere.
Mothers R3 did a great job at cleaning up bits of BFGoodrich and Hoosier from our vinyl wrap.

After we ran our Fiesta at Roebling Road Raceway’s double drivers school, we came back with a bit of rubber on our car. Other people’s rubber. Not from on-track contact, mind you, but simply from racing slicks flinging goobers into the air.

Mothers is the only company we know of that makes something to address this problem—a problem you don’t see on street cars. They call it R3, shorthand for Racing Rubber Remover. We’ve seen it used everywhere in the Grand-Am pits to clean rubber goobers off of pro race cars. We put in an order for some so we could clean up our little B-Spec racer.

It works perfectly. Spray it on, leave it for half a minute, then come back and wipe it off. It comes right up, no elbow grease required. If you’re hitting the track on low-treadwear tires, Mothers R3 is good stuff to have around.

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