A Tonneau Cover for Our Honda Ridgeline

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Update by Tim Suddard to the Honda Ridgeline project car
May 31, 2017

Having just returned from our Classic Motorsports Mitty presented by Hagerty at Road Atlanta, the truck now has over 12,000 miles on the odometer. Our Ridgeline served as a mobile office and event supplies hauler all throughout the weekend.

Other than one oil change at 8000 miles, the truck has needed no service or maintenance of any kind.

Fuel mileage has settled into 21mpg in combined city and highway driving. On long steady trips, we still see fuel mileage in the 25mpg range.

We have found nothing we don’t like about the truck yet, and are still singing the Ridgeline’s praises. In the spirit of putting our money where our mouth is, we have decided to purchase the truck from Honda once the long term loan is over, rather than move to another vehicle.

To that end, we installed an Access Lorado tonneau cover that we picked up online for just under $500. We had a similar cover on our old Ridgeline and found this style and brand of cover allowed us nearly full access to our bed, so that we can still load a motorcycle into the truck.

These tonneau covers have proven to be water-tight and don’t vibrate badly when driving at highway speeds with the top in place.

Installation takes about an hour, and you don’t need to drill into the truck or do any other permanent damage.

The one negative on these tonneau covers is that you do lose a bit of trunk access, as the mounting system on the side blocks the trunk slightly.

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1988RedT2 UltimaDork
5/31/17 11:13 a.m.

Good choice on the Access brand cover!

I finally replaced an Access roll-up cover that I had on my Chevy C30 after about 15 years of constantly sitting in the sun and taking every bit of weather during that period. It was convenient to use, looked great, and lasted for 15 years! The heavy gauge vinyl was still in reasonable shape, but my wife had purchased a new cover for me years ago (not an Access ) so I went ahead and changed it out.

The new cover looks fine, but it's a bit flimsy, and I know it will never hold up as well as the Access.

TheBlindBarman New Reader
10/12/17 8:47 a.m.

I have a Volkswagen, with a non-standard luggage compartment, could not find a suitable tonneau in any way. I`ve bought a cheap cover - and very soon became sad with it, looking for a good Access now. Do not be greedy, it is better to buy an expensive and good thing than being disappointed with cheap stuff.

I have found the best solution for myself. Using MIG welder welded laths on the inside of the body on which subsequently stretched custom-made awning made of rubberized dense fabric. Thus it is impossible to be groomed with dimensions and the tent is ideal. 

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