Want more performance out of a Mk7 GTI? Check this out.

Update by Colin Wood to the Volkswagen Golf GTI project car
Sep 13, 2023 | Volkswagen, VW, GTI, MQB, VW GTI, Mk7 GTI, Data Driven MQB

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Enjoying our Mk7 GTI project car series and want even more advice? One place to look is Datadrivenmqb.com.

Created by Tony Mester, the website is a mix of a blog and a build thread, offering analytic approaches to the upgrades and modifications Tony makes to his own GTI.

As the website name suggests, the advice offered is also applicable to other cars based on the MQB platform.

Don’t have an MQB-based car? There’s even a section with tips on how to upgrade your own driving, too.

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flatlander937 GRM+ Memberand HalfDork
9/13/23 2:04 p.m.

Thanks for the mention Colin! 

The site is still in it's early phases, with lots more content in the pipeline to bring it fully "up to date" with things that have been getting experimented with, one of the more interesting in-the-works things being a DEEP dive in the ABS module with lots of VW documentation, a ~$40 DIY Powertrain CAN sniffer, and attempting to make sense of what EXACTLY all of the popular "adaptations" really do. Hint: most of the "common knowledge" posted everywhere is outright wrong.

If you happen to be on Facebook, like/follow Data Driven MQB at https://www.facebook.com/datadrivenmqb to know when a new article is posted.

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