Started on April 12 by rebelgtp

1980 Oldsmobile Cutlass

Well finally after 2 years I have FINALLY gotten myself a new project car. This is also a big change because my last two cars were a 240SX and a Corolla GTS. I have not had an American V8 car since I was a teenager. Got the car for free complete with keys and the title (not making me work for this much at all is he?). Anyway the car is a 1980 Olds Cutlass Supreme originally with a diesel engine. It now has a Pontiac 400 that has tossed a rod (ah well just gotta find a new engine). It was honestly in better shape than I figured, it had a small dent in driver fender and a hole in the passenger side door. Other then that there is no rust or body damage at all (frame is good also). It is missing the front and rear bumpers but I already have someone looking for some for me. I was also surprised at how relatively clean the interior was for a car that is 29 years old. As we moved it the plastic around the steering wheel disintegrated, no big deal I’m going change it out anyway. Seats are in good enough shape I’ll use them as seats in my shop after I get some Camaro seats to go in. Anyway I’m still torn between doing a tuned 350 or get a 455 to stick in this beast. I’ll be getting a manual trans for it and my uncle thinks he knows someone with a Ford 9 inch rear that is already modified to go in a G Body complete with disk brakes so that will go in providing it is still available. He is also connected with all the old dirt track racers from the area and is going to be contacting them for me about scrounging parts. Oh and I opened the trunk and found a butt load of springs and a few shocks lol. UPDATE: Found out the car has an aluminum hood and core support that are both in perfect condition. So looks like the shaker hood idea is out unless I swap the hood out. Thinking I’ll be going with a stock car for the street kind of setup for it instead.

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Collecting parts

Well last weekend I managed to scrounge some aero mirrors for the Cutty at the …

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