Apr 19, 2009 update on Winston's 1969 Lotus Europa $2009 Challenger

Donor Car Update

Well, I went to look at the potential donor car today — a 1985 Toyota MR2. The current owner had stated that he has owned the car for a few years and it has been sitting during that time. Well, it turns out that the car has been sitting for over 10 years according to the expired tags. With the spark plugs out. And the cam covers off. And we have hurricanes and torrential rains here in Houston, not to mention near-constant 99% humidity. So, the engine is presumed dead. Given the length of time the car has been sitting, I’m presuming most other systems dead as well — systems that I need to swap over to the Europa.

The search continues for a car that runs, or at least has run recently. Most likely it will not be another MR2, because they don’t seem to present themselves for sale cheap as often as they used to. So it looks like I will most likely be fabbing a shift linkage after all… eh, won’t be the most difficult part of this build. Or will it?


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