Jun 4, 2009 update on Winston's 1969 Lotus Europa $2009 Challenger

Powertrain update

As mentioned, the Mk1 MR2 donor that I went to see really didn’t work out. It has been off the road long enough that I wouldn’t really bet on the soundness of any of the mechanical systems. At the same time, I continue to spend time and money repairing (and upgrading, when opportunity arises) my 1991 MR2 turbo. I really like the 3SGTE engine. Parts support is great, and it is very robust with excellent power potential. A local friend needed some quick cash, so I picked up a spare JDM short block and manual transmission… as well as the rear suspension crossmember, axles, and hub assemblies.

Yes, the Europa will get 3SGTE power.

However, I plan to use my MR2 turbo as a donor unless I come across a recently wrecked example for short money. Reasons being, (1) I know all of the electrical and mechanical systems are in good order, (2) the car was wrecked at some point in its past and is therefore not a superb example in the body department (3) I’m not in it for very much money.

However, using this car would mean that the Europa would not be Challenge legal. As cool as it would be to have a Europa Challenge car, I’m okay with that. I’d rather have a cool street/track (emphasis on track) car built the way I want it anyway.

We’ll see. Don’t rule it out of the Challenge yet, because nothing drastic has been done so far :)


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