Jul 8, 2009 update on robench's 1992 Ford Mustang LX 5.0

Floated a valve on the downshift

update image

Looks like I overran the rev-limiter on the 4-3 downshift and floated a valve. Yuck, this is going to be expensive to fix.

I don’t have the heads off yet, but note the damage to the valvetrain in the picture. There was also a bunch of oil/water mix in the intake manifold.

I’m guessing the intake valve got nailed by the piston, the head separated, and then banged around the combustion chamber going both through the piston and the water jacket. Hence the strange rattling noise.

We’ll see what it looks like when the head is off, but I think I’m looking at a near total loss for the engine.

Drat, at least small-block Ford stuff is relatively cheap.


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