Sep 1, 2009 update on robench's 1992 Ford Mustang LX 5.0

Heads Repaired, Car Running Again

update image

I found a shortblock on Craig’s list and sent the heads to Baker Cylinder Heads in Nevada for repairs"> They were welded up and reshaped with all new valves, springs, retainers. 13 of the 16 valves were bent/destroyed in the incident. See attached photo. The far right combustion chamber is the one that dropped the valve and was beaten to a pulp.

This time the valve springs are matched to the cam and I’ve measured my piston to valve clearance very carefully. It should have good over-rev margin now.

Now it needs to be broken in. It made it to work successfully today and isn’t leaking any fluids.

I might still be able to get one more track day in these year along with a couple of autocrosses.


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