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1997 Saturn sc1

Now is just as good a time as any to update the progress on my $2000X challenge car. The conspirators are a 1992 Buick Regal GS purchased for the princely sum of $10.00 The body had seen better days, the interior was toast. At least the engine ran. It did have a bad fuel pump. Next is a 1997 Saturn SC1, automatic with a blown head gasket and possible rod knock. All for $500.00 I bought this 2 weeks after returning from the $2007 Challenge. The final conspirator is a 1986 Pontiac Fiero for $350.00 purchased in December of 2008. The engine from the Buick, the 5 speed manual trans from the Fiero are going in the Saturn. As soon as I can get them up I will have pictures to show.

Latest updates
Sept. 13
Not done yet?

Well another challenge is coming up and the $2007 car is still not done. Some …

July 27

Most everything is back in. Hooked up the next section of the wire harness. Now …

July 09
Progress so far....

Now is the time for all the little nit picky things to go in. Such …

April 15
Project so far....

Finally got the engine in, with a little adjustments. Mainly the steering rack. Had to …

March 03
Engine is in.

Finally got the engine in the car. Now I have to alter a few items …

Dec. 17
3.8 so far

Started putting on the wire harness, Had to clean it up first, Basically new shielding …

Dec. 03
Putting the 3.8 back together

Got the engine sitting in the carrier and the lower motor mounts installed. The only …

Dec. 01
back to '07 challenge car.

Finally got the engine and trans mounted and on the carrier. In order to do …

Dec. 01

Round trip we logged about 5k in mileage the only issues were breaking to wheel …

Sept. 19
shake down eggsageration

a/c is working good. Tires and wheels are o.k. steering pulls a little to the …

Sept. 18

Changed title and plates, contacted my insurance carrier and started driving. Wanted to make sure …

Sept. 10

cluck cluck, wait for it. New $2009 challenge car.

Aug. 13
cluck cluck

The Chicken is coming.

July 29
Getting Late!!!

August is coming up and I still am not even close to being done yet. …

July 17
$$Price so far$$

At this point I have approximately $750 invested on the budget. I was able to …

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