Brakes & Suspension

Jul 21, 2009 update on Nitroracer's 1968 Ford Fairlane 500

I knew right from the start the drum brakes on the front of this car had to go if it was going to be a car I could feel comfortable driving. I looked for 70’s granada spindles which are commonly used for the disc brake upgrade and couldn’t find any with a reasonable price tag so I went with a kit from scarebird. The kit uses brackets to mount an S10 caliper over a ranger rotor all on the drum spindle. By the time I had run new lines, bought all the hardware and such it would’ve been cheaper to go with the granda parts but with this setup I can run my stock wheels and have a better selection of brake pads, in this case hawk hps. I also replaced the master cylinder with one out of a manual brake ranger, and added a proportioning valve for the rear circuit to tune it to my liking. There is a new set of upper and lower ball joints on the car as well. I can honestly say I would’ve rather paid $40 for the lower arms with ball joints than save $40 putting them in myself, what a PITA.


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