Sloppy Mechanincs Dyno time and training class

Jul 18, 2016 update on GPz11's 1987 Merkur XR4Ti

Hauled it out to Allentown, PA (14 hours one way) to attend a Sloppy Mechanics Micro / Megasquirt training class.

Hung out the next day so Matt could do some tuning on my car. It’s amazing watching some who knows what they are doing while tuning the car. It took him minutes what would have taken me weeks to do.

Figured out it’s got a ignition miss above 3.5K rpm but still made 266 to the wheels. He figures it’ll make closer to 300 wheel HP once I get the ignition sorted out.

It was a Craigslist distributor so I have no idea the age of it.


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