Started on Nov. 7 by Mr. Lee

1992 Subaru SVX LS-L

The SVX the way Subaru should have built it. Koni Yellow’s with Ground Control coil over springs/perches. Fidanza light weight Flywheel Underdrive pulley Best of ALL! 5 gears of NA 6 cylinder fury. Yes it has a 5 speed swap from a 2.5 RS Impreza. Makes it a bit buzzy at highway speeds, but it hasn’t been that big of a hit for highway mileage, and the throttle response at those speeds is phenomenal! I wish I could claim responsibility for this creation but I purchased it from fellow board member SVREX in this state. Since coming to live with me two years ago, she’s gotten a new battery, a new set of tires (which I’ve almost wore out), the AC system fixed, and I was in the process of sorting out the intermittent power steering when I popped the motor. Yes in August, I pulled a no-no with the SVX. With the improved grip of the koni/gc setup it’s entirely WAY too tempting to go bombing into a corner and come out hard. High G loads, and high RPM are a death sentence for rod bearing with the stock oil pan/system. It’s well documented in the SVX community that those two things combined will oil starve the motor and kill the rod bearings. It usually comes up in autocross or track situations, but this morning I was due to head 2.5 hours south to meet my parents to go see my grandmother in the hospital. My wife was supposed to go with me, but ended up with a migraine. So after lots of delays, I jumped in the car running WAY late, and was determined to make up some time. Once everything got up to temp I was getting on it. About 5 miles from the house is my favorite set of curves in the local area, and I hit em fast. Accelerating out of the last 90* corner I heard it. That sound that makes your stomach drop, along with a sudden loss of the free revving nature of the engine/flywheel combination. I just turned it around and babied it back to the house. After a long process of hunting for parts for a rebuild, and coming up with nearly a grand in parts alone for a total. A semi local salvage yard posted a 98k mile 92 LSL with a blown trans. I pulled the trigger on the motor, and it’s currently sitting on a stand getting new seals, valve cover gaskets, and a new timing belt/water pump installed.

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