Oct 4, 2009 update on dyintorace's 1986 Mazda RX-7

The rotary is out!

update image

There’s been a little change in direction for this project since my last post. Rather than starting with the red/white non-running n/a chassis, I found a local (somewhat) running/driving 1986 FC Turbo II.

After consultation with my mentor (Mr. Joshua), I decided to dump the n/a car and buy the Turbo car. We attacked the motor/transmission the last two weekends and got it all out this morning.

The cool part is I paid $1800 for the car. I sold the expensive aftermarket ECU for $725 and the powertrain for $600. The suspension on the car is worth ~$400. That would put me at $1725 in recoup. In other words, a $75 chassis!

I hope to pick up the LS1 this week and start figuring out how to put it in.


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