1962 Austin-Healey Sprite MkII

Started on May 21 by motomoron

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I bought it as a comprehensively trashed ex-race car turned autocross heap. No interior, 1000 roll bar holes, rear wheel arches cut out and "flaired" w/ a sledgehammer. Significant body damage on every panel, many hideous spray can, brush and roller paint jobs. Included many, many crates of parts. The entire package filled a full size roll back wrecker.

I spent about 2800 hours over 3 years restoring it. Aside from paying a pro to recore the radiator I did everything else. I cut apart one donor car to get top halves of rear fenders and a left rear lamp house. A later midget gave up a rib case gearbox and disc brakes. The seller of that donor later surrendered the fully built gazillion dollar 1275 motor his brother had built as well.

Color is Speedwell blue (named after the flower, evidently, not the team) which was a correct color in '62. And it's not British Racing Green or Resale Red, which 73% of all Brit cars are painted...

Engine has 9.5:1 CR, blueprinted rods, forged pistons, Megadyne 266 cam, stock valve diameters, moderate headwork, port matched Cannon manifold w/ Weber 45DCOE carb, LCB manifold, home made exhaust.

This is the rarest of cars: one on which a Monza tip does not look ghetto.

Suspension is stock but for some (1970s) race valved lever shocks and a homemade panhard bar. Wheels are Minitor copies of Panasports which are copies of Minilites. 5x13, and in need of stickier tires. 3.9 rear axle ratio, but I have one of every ratio diff including a set of 4.55 gears on a Detroit Locker. This choice piece of vintage iron can be utilized as soon as I amass an inexhaustible supply of axles.

The car at present is going back together following fresh paint last fall. nearly 10 years of garage rash had it looking pretty doggy. I'll post more pics when it's done shortly...

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Jun 14, 2009 10:36 a.m.
Post some pics of your other rides as well!
Jun 18, 2009 12:33 p.m.
Beautiful car and a nice story, to boot.
Sep 22, 2010 8:48 p.m.
Jumper K Balls (Trent):
Crikey thats a great looking car!

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