Started on April 1 by ChuckPasadena

2002 Cadillac El Dorado ETC

Still my daily driver after 10 years. My dad happened upon it sitting on the Nissan lot he passed on his way home and knew I had been looking to upgrade my car (I had just moved to a new firm and I was driving a rather nondescript ‘98 Acura RL at the time). He called me from his car and told me he’d set up a test drive for the next afternoon. The next afternoon the salesman he’d talked the ear off of let us take it out alone. Needless to say I bought it that day and Dad was pretty proud to see my Cadillac parked next to his Lincoln when I went by to visit my folks. Dad passed away 3 years later but fortunately he and I got the chance to take several long road trips in the Caddy. It still drives great and even though it’s long in the tooth I can’t bring myself to sell it or trade it in because of the memories I have of all the miles we put in together in it, not just as father and son but as good friends. Eventually I’ll have to get a new car but for now I’m still happy to drive it everyday.

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