Mar 13, 2009 update on P71's 1983 Mazda RX-7 GSL


update image

My poor car had to park out in the street for a few weeks over the summer while we were having some work done to the house and an inconsiderate utilities truck driver decided to smash it and run off. Luckily I have great insurance and they covered the damage, unfortunately the paint wasn’t great so they weren’t paying for a re-spray. I managed to find a red 83 door (bright red instead of metallic unfortunately) that also happened to made of 30 pounds of bondo. I’ve been attacking it with 40 grit for months! It also had a crack in the sheetmetal by the mirror so I had it welded up. I actually finished the door and sprayed it red myself but I haven’t gotten around to install yet (since I have to take off the whole freaking nose!). The rest of the body is getting sanded, primed, and repaired over time as well to correct the clearcoat peel. I haven’t decided on a color yet but it will most likely still be a metallic red. All the black trim is going away though…


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