Mar 13, 2009 update on P71's 1983 Mazda RX-7 GSL

New wheels and tires!

update image

Back in August of 08 I finally got new wheels. 1st Gen RX-7’s (79-85) have a bizarre 4x110 bolt pattern so finding wheels is incredibly difficult. Konig makes Rewinds (which I don’t care for on RX-7’s) and some really nice “old school” B-Bombs. I was just about to pull the trigger on a set of gunmetal b-bombs when I happened upon a set of 4 14” “LE” mesh wheels. These were Mazda wheels on the 82 RX-7 LE model and are highly sought after. Mine were in poor shape so I doused them in Oven cleaner to remove the factory silver paint. I then spent 2 days hand sanding and polishing the lips plus masking and painting the spokes with Dupli-Color Bronze wheel paint. I love Dupli-Color stuff BTW, it all works excellent! I then ordered and mounted up a set of Falken Azenis Rt-615’s in 195/60/14 making a “+1” setup from the factory 185/70/13 setup. I ordered from Edge Racing and was hugely happy, unfortunately they are no longer with us. The tires grip excellent though and are really great on the street and autocross course!


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