Mar 13, 2009 update on P71's 1983 Mazda RX-7 GSL

Racing Beat header installed

update image

New exhaust was installed in February 2009. Racing Beat Streetport 12A header with a custom made 2.5” collector (painted with VHT black header paint and wrapped with DEI header wrap), custom mandrel-bent 2.5” exhaust, Dynomax Race Bullet Resonator, Summit fully-welded Race Muffler, Stainless Steel dual tip (stock exit). The exhaust is completely welded from front to back, the only gasket or un-boltable thing is the actual header to engine mating! It’s pretty loud, but not annoying. Meets the 90db limit at the track (from however many feet away) so it’s all good! Total cost was pretty cheap as I got the header used and the other exhaust parts all came from Summit when I had a $50 off coupon, about $350 total for everything installed.


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