1990 Honda Civic STD

Started on Aug. 27 by themang

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The car is basically all factory except for a few small things and a 5 speed in place of the factory 4 speed. The basic plan is to get the car in good working order with some light performance and support/longevity mods, and ready for the track for my first season of HPDEs once I find a job.

The plan in more detail: -JDM D15B VTEC w/ P08 ECU -OBD0 to OBD1 conversion -Replace timing belt, tensioner, water pump -Fresh NGK spark plugs and wires -New o2 sensor -Replace worn out bushings, ball joints, etc. -Fill the factory engine mounts with liquid urethane -Resurface and balance flywheel -Thermal intake manifold gasket -2.5" intake with inlet placed in optimal high pressure area at the front end of the car and inlet design for maximum velocity -D16Y8 intake manifold possibly if I can obtain optimum intake air pressure to keep the plenum filled in midrange rpms -99+ D16Y8 oem header w/ inner collector tube removed -Exedy oem replacement clutch -Transmission rebuild with carbon synchros and if money permits after all I see necessary is purchased, a MFactory LSD -2" open design exhaust -OEM DA integra radiator -QA1 springs 2.5" diameter 7" height 450 in/lb front 550 in/lb rear -Currently have Skunk2 sport shocks on it, will keep those on to keep costs down -Suspension Tech 22mm adjustable rear sway bar, 22mm front sway bar -DA Integra front/rear disc brake conversion -Braided SS brake lines -Hawk HP plus brake pads -Spun SW909 15x6.5 wheels powder coated white -Bridgestone RE11 tires 205/50/15 -F1 Spec type 1 seat w/ seat back brace -4 point latch type seat harness, haven't decided on a manufacturer yet -Bolt in roll bar, not sure on manufacturer yet -Remove unnecessary weight from car -Relocate battery to rear of car -Small oil cooler if oil temps are higher on the track than I like -2011 mustang gt500 hood vent/hood vent in general, I like how the gt500 one looks and it's a good size -DIY aluminum front air dam -Thinking about designing a modified factory wing that will add rear downforce, will test using a sliding potentiometer to measure ride hight changes at different speeds -Oil temp, oil pressure, coolant temp, and intake air temp gauges

I'm sure there's something I'm forgetting but that's the basic rundown for the time being. I would like to get on the track by the end on the 2016 season which I think I could given I find a job relatively soon and wait on deals for the parts needed.

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