Started on Sept. 12 by RichardSIA

1969 Triumph GT6+ "TRICK-6" (TRIumph - buiCK) with 225 V6.

‘69 GT6+ being highly modified for spirited street use, possible Virginia City hill climb and Silver State Challenge runs. Buick 225 V6 (231” spare), Ex-Camaro WC T5, Merkur diff and hubs. 4x108 PCD and very light 6” x 14” Enkie basket-weave wheels last used on an Alfa Romeo Spider. Planned tires are 185/60-14 All in pieces at the moment while I work out suspension and engine mounting mods. Do have a plan for the diff mount that looks like it should work well. Scouring the web looking for ideas, saw a couple here, A bit disappointed that one is not finished as I’m interested to see how well the suspension worked, particularly the front. Here is a rough fit of my Merkur diff,

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Nov. 18, 2019, 12:44 p.m.

Since this popped up on the forum I guess I should do an update of sorts. Engine is now the 231" and intake is a very rare Inglese twin IDA-3 Webber type. Since the IDA's are now crazy expensive I'm working on adapters to use Triumph 955 ITB's for fuel injection. I will make a couple of extra sets since it is setting up the program and tooling that is the hard part of CNC. Might also do adapters for Hayabusa 1300 ITB's but I think they might be a bit large for only 231". I also sprang the big bucks for a new aluminum flywheel, so I expect it to rev quick.

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