Started on Jan. 16 by filthyrich

1968 Pontiac Firebird

Browsing on Kijiji one weekend I saw this gem advertising for $5500, engine not running + trans problems. I was the 855th person to look at the ad but replied anyway. After convincing my wife that I would never buy anything else ever again, I got ahold of the owner and convinced him that I would take good care of his car, and he sold it to me. When I picked it up, the car was running… He told me he just boosted it and put in some fresh gas and it fired right up. I’m not sure I understood his train of thought, but I drove it on the trailer. Still had trans problems. 350 big block Pontiac with 350 Turbo trans. The car was sprayed with Krown so it was hard to see what was underneath. The owner told me he had the engine completely rebuilt (bored .20 over, Cam, Flat top pistons and all bearings, still had a 2 barrel carb) I took a look at the trans. Was about to pull it but decided to pull the pan first. Found the pin connecting the shift linkage to the valve was almost out. Put it back in with the proper clip and it shifted fine. Some lights and new boots and she was ready for the road. Since I bought it in the fall, I enjoyed the car for a couple months and when winter came, got into the car a little. It probably needed a full rebuild but that wasn’t in the budget. Instead, I pulled the engine and trans and cleaned up the engine bay. I resealed the engine, found a tag from the company that rebuilt it and gave them a call. They confirmed that they did the rebuild. I put a dual plane Edelbrock intake on it with a 650 Edelbrock Carb. That made a huge difference as the rebuilt engine just wasn’t getting enough fuel. The paint was faded as it originally came from Texas. It was a vinyl top so there was rust where the top met the quarters. There was a tiny hole in the door as well, and the floors were thin. It really needed a rebuild, but I wanted to enjoy the car first. Our local airport has a heritage museum and for 5 bucks you were able to take pictures in front of the planes. I know everyone goes for the Camaro, but hands down, the ‘67-‘68 Firebirds have way better grilles I ended up selling the Firebird to pay for other projects I work on (all progress is documented on my YouTube channel) including a ‘48 Fleetmaster, a ‘67 GTO and my Tape Boss invention. Tape Boss is a voice recorder that attaches to tape measures. Thanks for reading! My YouTube channel: Tape Boss:

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