Jan 22, 2009 update on 93celicaGT2's 1992 Toyota Celica

Parts are arriving

In preparation for the gen3 3sgte swap that was originally going to be done on the 1993 White coupe… i’ve received the following:

1) E153 Solara V6 manual tranny

2) 1992 Celica Alltrac transmission crossmember

3) GTS/AllTrac widebody front fenders

4) Carlos Sainz front bumper cover (more room for huge intercooler)

5) KSport Kontrol Pro coilovers, custom spring rates at 500/450

6) Walbro 255 fuel pump

7) 185performance poly bushing kit

8) Kirkosaurus poly mount inserts

9) Twosrus st185 adjustable endlinks

10) (Edit) Ditched the Konigs, 17s are WAY too huge. Enkei RP01s in 16x8 w/ RE01R 245/45-16s now.

11) A nice set of Momo Corsas

I think unfortunately at this point, i’m a bit overbudget for the $2009 challenge. O.o It’s not much of a “Grassroots” build, and i apologize, but i can still argue that i’m taking a cheap, under-appreciated car and making it into something interesting.

Aesthetic modifications now include JDM folding mirrors, JDM CF hood trim, JDM vented taillights, JDM sidemarkers, and 1993 Celica convertible sideskirts.


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