Started on Nov. 5 by lotusseven7 (Forum Supporter)

1979 MG B V-8

A nice weekend cruiser with a bit of an evil side. Under the hood lurks a Rover 3.5 V-8 fed by a 500cfm Edelbrock card and exiting thru a wonderful sounding true dual exhaust. It’s not fast, it doesn’t handle well and its not the prettiest MGB out there, but that’s not at all important. It’s just a fun car for ice cream runs and countryside drives. I’ve owned numerous MGB’s in the past but all had stock 1.8 motors and were fun, but its amazing what doubling the HP in this car does! It’s a total transformation and the exhaust note is the best part. A link to some additional information on the MG Experience site.,3374963 A link to the BaT auction where the car was purchased.

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