Nov 11, 2009 update on Rusty_Rabbit84's 1984 Lotus 7

Well, ive been looking thru all the parts for the 7. We have a cast iron 4 speed we are trying to ditch for a 5 speed box, but the bell housing doesn’t match up. I am sanding down all the rough spots on it and going to go get it powdered coated and start the rebuild. Just finished putting the coilovers back together, but one of the dampers is dead, so i have to get it rebuilt. Most of the pieces are there and accounted for. I am still looking for the head. I don’t know much about the motor, all i know, its some sort of Cosworth, don’t know from what. I am still looking for the camera cord so i can upload the pictures to show you guys. I am hoping I can get it all built by the Mitty next year since they are celebrating Lotus…


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