Started on July 13 by ROARRR

1963 Ford Capri GT/Cosworth

This is EnFords early attempt at a sports car, They knew NOTHING about this so their ‘wonderful” new engine for it was an odd size:1340 cc’s that didn’t fit any class, Finally in desperation they brought Cosworth in and added the necessary go bits to make it competitive in the 1500cc class just in time for all it’s competition to go larger at 1600cc’s. They decided to go all out in saloon racing abandoned the Capri and moved their efforts to the Cortina by transferring the Capri GT 1498 cc engine to the Corty GT. Their Go fast shop: Borham had ANYTHING imaginable to make the Corty and Capri faster and mine was the beneficiary of some of them, It has a 5 speed and a Cosworth MK-IX 1500 engine with a much milder cam to make it streetable. This is one I’m keeping but may slot in a four valve 2L for more easy street Hp which screws right in!

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