Started on July 24 by CLNSC3

1995 Lexus SC300

My Lexus serves as my time trials, HPDE and AutoX toy. It is an original 5 speed car, there were only 517 5 speeds made in 1995 so they are hard to come by. These cars are not very common track cars in the US, but since they share many suspension and chassis components with the MKIV Supra the potential is there. My car has seen the reduction of about 250lbs of unnecessary weight while still retaining a complete interior. Most of my work has been focused on suspension and braking but there is very little on the car that has not been modified. I like to keep it looking fairly stock, not a huge fan of giant wheels, body kits and spoilers!

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I got rear ended a few weeks ago by some dumb lady who wasn’t paying …

Dec. 12
PS Troubles

I officially roasted my power steering pump on the track this past seasons, apparently its …

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Aug. 24, 2009, 7:51 a.m.

Cool car. I've always kinda wanted one. I always saw it as kinda a Lincoln MKVIII, a big Luxo Coupe... But it could be had with a stick!

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