1953 MG TD

Started on Aug. 3 by Dave_Jorgensen

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-Judson supercharged at 6psi -30 thou overbore to 1280cc -line-bored and magnifluxed -Ford Sierra 5-speed -right-hand drive -articulated cycle fenders -12 inch alfin drums -16 inch wire wheels with 185 Michelin X's -alternator and negative ground -Brooklands racing screens -fiberglass hard top -roll bar -lowered with MGB track springs -front sway bar -rear tube shocks -4:88 MGA rear diff for lower revs on highway -BRG and black; a tribute to the great MG's of the '30's This is a ground-up, bare-metal restoration starting with a rather sad and tired car in April, 2005. We're pretty close to being finished - hopefully by the end of September, 2009

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Latest updates

July 31

Into the vineyards

The Okanagan Valley in British Columbia is making some of the most wonderful wines in the world, and TD27991 will now tear up the roads around these farms. It's great how a good Pinot is complemented by the bouquet of ...

July 31

Over the mountains

So the TD took its first trans-mountain expedition - almost 1000 kilometres in 13 hours. Hardly a land speed record, but 27991 soldiered over the Rogers Pass and into Okanagan wine country. The aft mounting pins on the hard top ...

July 08

The dash in all its walnut glory.

What if there had been a D-Magnette? What if horrible things hadn't happened in Europe and the 1941 TD had been the last in the line of cycle-fendered high-performance MG sports-racers that started with the Magnettes of the 1930's? Pressurized ...

July 08

A fine July night for a drive.

In Alberta, we have nine months of winter and three months of tough sleddin'. Either someone forgot to take the sign down, or I'd better go looking for a set of studded Hakkapalitas.

July 03

Spring on the northern prairie

26ºC last week - a fine time to make a long run with the screens in. 200 miles at a time and we're good. To further take us out of the 50's, I've got a plexi windblocker mounted to the ...

July 03

Fall on the northern prairie

Of course it's a bit cramped for two people - a bit like a Cessna 120, that way. But we're finally ready for The Long Drive. Finally.

July 03


I've got a Mitsubishi 60 amp alternator in there, but the ghost of Joseph Lucas the Mighty Prince of Darkness still lurks. Therefore, I installed a set of 100 watt H3 driving lights - that was nice because last week ...

July 03

With the hard top fitted

It took a long time to get the hard top re-shaped and properly fitted, but we're there now. We re-shaped this old Runyan top to fit the original side-curtains, and benefit is the additional visibility we've got. With the glass ...

April 26

first spring drive

Easter Sunday is a nice day to resurrect a car from a winter's sleep. +10º C as ambient temperature, the old Pontiac heater warming the cockpit. 3500 rpm brings a nice 70 mph in 5th - even 75 mph is ...

Dec. 23

A study in black and white

Honest officer, this exhaust ain't too low.

Oct. 31

Asleep for the coming northern winter

And now to sleep for the winter - some Sta-bil in the tank, a car cover, the battery into the warm basement. The last Saturday in October brought sunshine and +10º centigrade to the northern prairie. A good time for ...

July 18

A real sports car now

No longer just a statue; we can finally make our way down the back roads of Alberta at an easy 120 kliks. The TD pulls easily to 5500, the Brooklands screens and the lexan windblocker on the rollbar keep the ...

July 15

We finally terrorize the streets

Cam's done, crank works - we've got spark and gas and oil and air. Got nothing under 1800, but considering the 280º cam and the long intake tract on the blower, that's not bad - for what is essentially a ...

July 13

the final push

We've trimmed the hardtop to fit the original side curtains, and painted it to match the black topline. Now all we're waiting for is a tiny ball for the top of one of the roller cam pushrods, then it's just ...

June 27

engine meltdown

We were all set to roll for the summer, but a sticky oil pressure gauge tricked us, resulting in disaster. Twelve weeks later we've got a forged crank, a new oil pump, a roller cam - and of course a ...

Jan. 26

more on the front fenders

Here's a second shot of the fender carrier.

Jan. 26

articulated fenders

Basil: The supports for the front fenders are attached to a carrier that sits behind the drum backing plates. Here are two photos that may help out. Sorry - no plans - we just built it. Dave

Dec. 24

First drive - in the snow.

-20 degrees C, two days before Christmas, and it's time. Michelin X's make lousy snow tires and no carb pre-heater makes for rough running below 3000, but beyond that the Judson clears its throat and we go sideways even in ...

Dec. 19

living color

A 3/4 shot - we've just about got ourselves a Bentley, but we're a bit short on power. 1280 cc and a Judson blower will have to suffice.

Dec. 19

Supercharged by Judson

The Judson emblems are now on the side of the hood - start-up and a drive around the block in the snow will happen right before Christmas. What a great present - five years from rustbucket to lightweight prizefighter

Dec. 19

relays behind the dash

In order to keep the smoke inside the wires, we've used relays. Consequently, no heat through the dash except for the resistors in the rheostat for the heater fan. We're close - the fuse box will even have a nice ...

Sept. 26

Trying to get the panel sorted

We're putting four gauges in the middle panel: boost, oil temp, ammeter, and a combined oil pressure/water temp gauge. All switches except choke will be toggles on the lower panel - even the starter as we'll change the solenoid so ...

Sept. 06

And now we try the hardtop

It's a tight fit, and the mounting hardware has gone the way of the wind. We'll need some insulation underneath the fiberglass, and we'll need to sew a headliner somehow - but it's just too pretty not to put in ...

Sept. 05

We're making progress!

Hood's on now, fuel pump and a few other small things done. Now it's wiring and instruments. It's so good to see it now this far. a few more weeks and then we've got a real car.

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Jan 25, 2014 8:39 p.m.
This is the first time I've seen pictures of your car. I love it, especially the hard top. I don't ever recall seeing one before. I have a 53 TD with MGB running gear unfinished. I still haven't given up though. Beautiful car, please continue to post updates. Gary/Graefin10

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