Started on Oct. 29 by fastpastor

1973 Plymouth Duster

Slant 6 225 904 Tranny, had 14 years but need to get it running!

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Oct. 29, 2020, 10:12 p.m.

So the first thing you need to know is that I am bound by brand loyalty. Since 1952 my family has been associated with Chrysler Corporation in most of it's forms. And because of this, I believe that somewhere in my genome there are pentastars floating around! Don't believe me? I was born in Detroit when my dad worked as an Plymouth executive in the 60s. After birth I was brought home to an address on Plymouth Road in Detroit. When I was five my dad left Chrysler and we moved back to our hometown so my dad could work with my grandfather at our Chrysler / Plymouth / DeSoto / Studebaker / Imperial dealership. I grew up sweeping floors, washing showroom windows, and believing that Lee Iacocca was Superman. Now the problem with all this is pretty evident. Chrysler makes junk. I so wish this was not the case, but it has been my reality my entire life. I came of age in the era of the Volare, the Horizon, and the Reliant. In fact my first car was a Reliant which my grandfather gave me, the last car our dealership owned before we sold it. I got the very beige Reliant because no one would buy it! HA! I'd love to get a Ford tattoo. No doubt Mazda makes great stuff. I read about Porsches in GM mag and covet. But my heart bleeds Mopar blue and there is nothing I can do about it. So if you are going to follow my build, I apologize in advance. I know LS parts are cheaper. I realize that everyone has owned or currently owns a Miata. But I am stuck with the family curse. Maybe after this Duster gets up and running, I can find a Neon. prrcb

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