Aug 30, 2009 update on P71's 1993 Plymouth Duster

Replacement window and wheel

update image

I hit the junkyard on Friday and nabbed a 1/4 window and another 15” steel wheel w/tire. Came home and replaced the window, which was pop-riveted in. Since the original one was busted out I was able to chisel the old rivets off with a few wacks of a hammer. I then bolted the thing in with lock washers, turned out nice! I also rotated the wheels so the matching Toyo Spectrums were up front (they have got to be the world’s crappiest tires) and the mis-matched ones are out back. I think one is a Ping-Pong Warrior and the other is a Les Schwab Barumbula. At least their treadwear is in the 300’s, the 580 treadwear Spectrums scream like a tortured howling banshee sitting still…


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