Started on April 21 by rogue_ryder

1987 Volkswagen Scirocco

I bought this 16V Scirocco in early 2005, it was advertised in the VWvortex Scirocco Classifieds for $1000 and was located in Houston TX, it was in really nice shape except the previous owner thought it had a cracked head. It had been lowered (just springs) and supposedly the head had been “worked” by some shop. I made a deal for $700 and I’d have my friend who lived in Houston pick it up and store it at his place for a few weeks until I could pick it up. The car was in nice shape, although the paint was a little oxidized (came from AZ) and the dash had a crack or 2 in it (again AZ). But overall it was a nice condition 16V, and it ran too! It Just had an overheating problem. So I towed it back to New Orleans and sat on it for a couple weeks, I’d start it up and drive it around the block to charge the battery until one day the head gasket really let go, so I took it all apart and installed a rebuilt head, new head gasket, t-belt etc etc on the car. Turned out there was no cracks in that old head and there was no evidence of any headwork ever been done other than a gasket replacement (with a el cheapo gasket I might add). After I got the new head on and timing set the motor pulled hard. After owning many 8V Rabbits and Golfs before and after this car none have had the power of this car. I had picked up a Miata some good suspension bits and roll bar and decided to sell the VW instead of keeping it. The car won a trophy at a VW show the new owner took it too just a few days after I sold it! Seeing as how much these cars sell for today I wish I had kept it longer! I sold it for $1500 and thought I did well. (The last pic in the batch was my Daily Driver for several years in the early 2000s).

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